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Working Mom

Single Parenting

Single parenting is not an easy choice to make. You will have many days where you might not think you can make it. Our staff is ready to assist you in discovering all the support services that exist in our area. We exist to support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

If I can't afford to live on my own, where can I live with my baby?

We can help you explore your housing options before you deliver. Most single parents need to work. Consider your childcare options in each situation: Living with a friend or relative, staying in a group home for single mothers, living with your parents or the birthfather's parents, or finding an apartment in public housing.

Can anyone help me with baby items, maternity clothes, etc.?

PROMISS has many material resources for you and your baby. 


How do I get support from the father?

The father's legal responsibilities include providing financial support for your child. If the father is unable to provide child support, you need to plan how you will care for your baby without him. A birthfather's support record may influence court decisions about custody and visitation rights. You and the father should also discuss your individual rights and responsibilities. A child's needs are best met when you and the father work together.

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