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Friends in Nature

Bright Futures

Today's teens and young singles are faced with many pressures to be sexually active. The media is full of sexual messages, and youths often believe that they have to have sex to become popular, keep their boyfriend or girlfriend, feel grown up, or even meet the needs of a dependent child. Bright Futures is designed to help teens and young singles feel that it's ok for them to wait until marriage for sex.  


Bright Futures classes are taught by a trained instructor who encourages open discussion about resisting the pressures to have sex.


There are two main series conducted by Bright Futures.


Series one targets teens and singles who are struggling with pressures to be sexually active. These lessons encourage participants to think about, discuss, and practice using information to manage their sexual feelings. Information is imparted to help them resist social and peer pressure to be sexually involved.


Series two targets teen parents who are struggling to resist sexual pressure while completing their educational goals and caring for a dependent child. Teen parents learn how to acquire and develop healthy relationships, good parenting and child discipline skills, good study habits and time management, vocational skills, and receive beneficial community resources.

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